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Arch&Type is a small, casual, but dedicated architectural studio in Buffalo, NY, focusing on design with a balanced concern for social connection, ecology, neighborhood contribution, and sustainable financial return. Arch&Type's goal is to revitalize cities for the modern city-makers: the nurses, restaurateurs, artists, teachers, entrepreneurs, and professionals who want beautiful and sustainable design. 

Arch&Type is led by Seth Amman, who is an architect and community builder. Active in architecture, urban design, and non-profit organizations, Seth works to develop strategies to enhance design that benefits local communities. By communicating across diverse disciplines Seth has designed new buildings, run successful marketing campaigns, and seasonal festivals for city-makers.

Seth is a registered architect in the State of New York, a board member for the Allentown Association and received a bachelor and masters degree in architecture from the University at Buffalo. As an amateur photographer Seth is amassing macro photographs of the human iris to exhibit 10x life size.